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A Free Spins bonus is simply one in which a player will be allowed to take spins of a particular slot machine, or choice of machines, prior to making a deposit. Each spin will be for a fixed amount, often anywhere from $0.10-$1.00 and any winnings from the Free Spins will then be applied to the player’s bonus account . After the funds have been transferred to a player’s Bonus account, they will then be subject to playthrough requirements as any No-Deposit Bonus would. They basically operate the same way. The expected value of the NDB (itself) is essentially whatever the expected return on the Free Spins is. Considering the playthrough, the expected return of the overall play is generally nothing. Common Terms and Conditions: When it comes to Free Spins bonuses, players will often not qualify to cash anything out from them if they have taken multiple bonuses in a row without making a deposit. That is not true of all casinos, but for those where it is true, that makes it basically pointless to play the bonus if you are not able to withdraw any winnings anyway.

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